Android Q Coming Soon! Beta 6 Released, Are You Ready?

The final beta version 6 launched, thus, Android Q is about to come. This post contains detailed information about the upcoming Android version Q. It includes the features, rumors, how to upgrade the previous app, and the possible name of Android Q. I feel that this trending topic gonna very helpful for your audience.

It’s better to late than never… The wait for Android Q is over now, it is one step closer to it’s launching. The final beta 6 of Andriod’s latest version. Now the testing & feedback is close to the end.

The beta 6 of Android Q was launched on 7 August, thus, rumors are also rendering in users minds about the release date of the upcoming version of Android.

As we all are acquainted with the process before launching any Android version. Every Android version goes through the process of the beta version in terms of feedback.

Android Q also does the same, It came with 6 beta version. With every beta version, Android Q is getting better and bug-free UI. All the beta version open to the developers for feedback and bug fixing. This is the right way to launch any products without any hassle.

Releasing Date for Android Q

Whenever any new product or services formed in its actual shape, rumors start rendering in mind. The first rumor for any upcoming product is the launching date. Because it matters.

The official announcement about releasing the date for android is still unclear. Some rumors are waving in the air that is enough to mislead you.

Dave Burke, VP of Engineering at Android posted on 7 Aug, “We’re just a few weeks away from the official release of Android Q! As we put the final polish on the new platform, today we’re rolling out Beta 6, the last Beta update”.

He also added, “Now is the time to make sure your apps are ready before we bring the official release to consumers. Take this opportunity to finish up your testing and publish your app updates soon to give users a smooth transition to Android Q.”

So it’s not clear that what will be the birthdate for Android Q, but according to the Google events, Android Dev Summit 2022 will be the right time. The Android Dev Summit 2019 will be scheduled at 23-24 Oct. So we can assume that either Android Dev Summit will witness the Android Q or it will release before the summit.

Video Link for the Android Dev Summit 2019…

Android Q Coming Soon! Are You Ready?

As the final beta out now, so it’s the last chance for every developer to make a change or give feedback before it’s handover to the consumer. So are you ready to make headway in the terms of the contributor?

To dive into the technicalities, first, we have to check what’s new in Android Q beta 6 updates. It includes Android Q system images for Pixel and Android Emulator, also builds tools for Android Studio. The beta 6 updates are also known as final updates, thus, it is formed as final features, gestures and system behaviors.

According to the Android official statement, Beta 6 includes all previous bug fixes, optimization, there’s a 200dp vertical app exclusion limit for the Back gesture. Second, we’ve added a sensitivity preference setting for the Back gesture.

Being a member of the leadingAndroid app development company USA, we are also excited to test our applications. Our app developers are always craft applications under the App Store Guidelines and Operating System features. As a result, Apps that we created are compatible with the Android Q.

Meanwhile, app developers are allowed to check, test, & update their application according to the latest features and UI gestures for Android Q. Android asking all developers to update current apps for compatibility as soon as possible.

How To Update Your Application:

To update the application on Android development mode, all you need is the Android Q Beta device or emulator, then test. Since it is developer mode that’s why normal Android device can’t compatible with the Android Q beta 6.

Final Beta update, official Android Q coming soon!

Official Android narrated the step by step guide for updating applications for users. Here are the steps to updating your application…

  • Install your existing app on Android Q devices.
  • Test with Android Q latest features & gestures(Navigation, functionality).
  • Test for the privacy setting(location permission, background activity & identifier).
  • Test the entire SDK and built for libraries, if any issue just updates it.
  • Update and Publish your App at Google Play Store for better UX in the future.

By following the entire step by step guide for updating application for developers mode. It must follow the process for Android Q, so whenever Android Q will take it’s actual shape, one can ready with their application. Here are some of the must feature that your app should compatible with…

  • Dark Mode
  • UI Without Back Button
  • Compatible For Foldable Phones

The name of the upcoming Android version is still a myth. It can be Android Quiche, Queen of pudding or it can be Quesito.

Final Thought

The Android Q is about to come… maybe it gonna released soon. According to the official statement of Android, they are planning to launch it as soon as possible. Also, it’s the developers’ duty to make their existing application ready for the upcoming changes.

Meanwhile, the Android Q will closer to the reshaping it’s an actual state. Therefore, it’s good to test your application under the latest Android features. Otherwise, anyone else will make headway and it will cost you to lose the customers.

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