7 DIY Steps For A Relaxing At-Home Spa Night

Everyone loves a day at the spa, but not everyone loves the cost that comes along with it. If you’re on a budget it can seem impossible to enjoy the pampering and relaxation you deserve but the good news is that you can enjoy a spa night in the comfort of your own home without having to break the bank.

Have A Spa Night At Home

Instead of booking a costly spa date, here are some top tips to help you have an amazing evening in your own bathroom. You’ll never need to go to the spa again!

Setting The Mood

When you go to a spa, you will enjoy some relaxing music and wonderful aromas. The good news is that you can easily do this at home by selecting some mood music on your iPod and having good lighting (read our tips for bathroom lighting). The ambience will immediately be given a boost. Take a look at beautiful glass shower doors at GlassShowerDirect.com.

Warm Towels

It’s a small change but one that’s really easy to do and it’ll make you feel like you’re really being pampered at a top spa. By simply warming up your towels before you get out of the bath you’ll feel warm and cosy when you get out of the water.

Choosing Calming Products

Aromatherapy products are the perfect way to calm down and relax after a hard day. You can begin your spa night by choosing a shampoo and condition with aromatherapy properties built in. Patchouli, bergamot and ylangylang are scents to look out for that are known for their ability to help you unwind.

Apply A Hair Masque

Having soft, manageable hair can make you feel a lot more attractive. After cleansing your hair, take your usual conditioning treatment to a whole new level by applying a hair masque. It won’t just moisturize your tresses, it’ll repair and soften dry strands and help color treated hair to retain its color. Leave it to soak in for at least 5 minutes before cleaning off.


Exfoliation is part of any great spa experience, so put on an exfoliating mitt or use a body brush and rub your skin gently from your toes up to your head. Working your way upwards using circular movements towards your heart is the best way to achieve this as it will stimulate your blood flow while also shedding the dead skin cells. Afterwards, your skin will be radiant and glowing, all ready for a thick application of moisturizer to restore the natural moisture barrier of your skin.

Cleansing Your Face

After rinsing your hair and exfoliating your skin, apply a face mask. The best time to do this is while the pores are open – just after your bath or shower. If the pores are open, the mask’s nutrients will penetrate deeply into your skin. If you don’t want to take a bath or shower, you can always use a face steamer instead. Steaming not only gives you a healthy look but will help bring any impurities to the surface ready to be scrubbed away.  A purifying clay mask is the best choice for anyone who is experiencing a breakout but if you’re lacking moisture, using a vitamin B3 face mask to give extra hydration to your skin. Always remember to read the mask’s instructions before applying to get the best results.

Care For Your Nails

Giving yourself a manicure and pedicure is an essential part of the spa at home experience. You should use a pumice stone on your feet to remove rough patches of skin then apply a thick layer of moisturizing cream which will restore the natural moisture of the skin. If you wrap warmed hand towels around your feet the lotion will be able to sink in more. Remember to file your nails before applying any polish and use a topcoat so the shade is properly sealed in for a long lasting finish on both your finger and toenails.

As you can see, you needn’t spend a lot of money arranging an expensive spa day. It’s just as easy to pamper yourself at home and the results will be just as good. You’ll feel wonderfully relaxed and at peace, and you won’t have spent a lot of money!

Matt Williams is the founder and CEO of Add USA Story - A platform for global startup, looking to find happiness in the world of startups, investments, health, technology, business and more.


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