6 iOS Development Trends in 2022

Well a few years back, the primary focus of the digital market is solely on the web; but now things have been changed and this change is unpredictable in the line of events.

At present every digital component is trying to achieve specialization in the mobile industry and there is ridiculously high growth in the demand for smartphone devices and they are gaining a whole lot of significance even in the bigger scheme of things.

It is for this reason iOS and Android development are in huge demand and each has its own limitations. 

Both the operating systems have an outrageously diverse approach and strategies, and both have captured a massive audience for them.

However, the iOS operating system has managed to leave a deeper impact on the audience due to its various unique security features.

 Undoubtedly, the iOS mobile app development is a versatile and powerful platform. This platform is basically locked in an everlasting condition of transformation.

To keep its audience connected with its device the Apple releases numerous new iPhone and iPad models into the world, each with their individual pioneering new hardware advancements.

This situation forces the platform itself to jump forward on a standard basis and you completely have to jump with it, or you will promptly find yourself left behind.

With all these situations in mind, here are 7 iOS app development trends that you NEED to be aware of moving forward in 2022. Let’s have a look: 

6 Trends to watch for iOS App Development

6 iOS development trends in 2022

iOS development prioritizes App Security

In the iOS mobile app development industry, the primary aspect that comes in mind is the application security. The foremost focus of Apple is the security of apps and data of users and this concept is the thing which made it difficult for the hackers to violate the security.

Hence iPhone is the most preferred choice among enterprises internationally. iOS app development is acknowledged to set in features that guarantee application security. After the latest release of iOS 13, developers now are mandated to incorporate App Transport Security (ATS) for every app built.

Integration of AR and VR

The Integration of AR and VR features will become the must-have feature in the future mobile app industry which keeps the users interested in iPhone devices. iOS mobile apps would now see the features of the virtual world.

With the incorporation of AR and VR technology, developers can simply try their hands on building real-time applications established to improve user experience. Apps such as Smash Tanks and Lego Studio are some of the examples of AR-VR apps.

Apple Pay Integration

In the present era of mCommerce, mobile payment apps or wallet apps have become a must thing. There are several apps in the App store that need a premium version for payment gateway integration for in-app purchases and this is the reason iPhone app development services include the integration of Apple Pay.

This digital wallet supports numerous payments such as Ticket booking, Food delivery, Online shopping, and other transactions. Due to the safe and sound digital wallet users can save important details of their card details in an easy manner.

Moreover, it is estimated that the total payment done by means of the Apple gateway would rise by 200%. So, this is the thing on which developers need to lay interest.

Swift 5

As we are discussing iOS trends so it is important to mention the Swift 5.0 that will surely create a drift to select Swift for the entire iPhone app development from 2022.

Apple released Swift 5 around 2 months ago but it is the standalone framework that when integrated with iOS 13 will boost the features and performance of developed mobile apps.

The iPhone app holds compatibility with Linux and hence the developers can with no trouble improve and promote their database to set in Swift 5 while developing apps.

Wearable’s and IoT

According to the latest reports given by Statista, the world would have about 31billion interconnected devices by the end of 2022.

Well, this number is quite huge and iOS app developers need to step ahead and invest in these technologies to build apps that situate strong in the face of technological advancements.

Cloud-Specific Apps

What do businesses want in the app? Well for the reason of trouble-free data storage and access to functionality. If you need such features then cloud technology can provide this purpose easily.

The cloud-based mobile apps will be much in demand for the reason of their functionality. In the upcoming future, we can expect that the cloud storage-specific apps will grow vastly in the future as the cloud incorporation will come out as a major trend in 2022.

The cloud integration enables businesses to have a secured storage facility to store apps and optimize other operations.


Nobody knows what the future of mobile app development is but it is a clear fact that it will be quite exciting.

Creating a mobile app is easier than ever.

With the influx of 5G technology and pioneering mobile app development trends, everything is going to be transformed in 2022.

Apple apps are growing by leaps and bounds, and it is important for businesses to implement this technology.

The year 2022 is almost in the last section and now we look forward to 2022.

In a nutshell, we can say that with all these trends out there in the marketplace, companies are left with no other choice to boost their ROI.

This writes up simply explains why you should look forward to hiring iOS app Development Company.

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