5 Powerful Software To Find And Delete Duplicate Files In Mac

There are a number of reasons why you would like to delete the files from your Mac. It can take up a lot of unnecessary space on your drive, makes the computer run slowly. As we think of clearing up space on Mac, the first thing we need to do is delete the junk like the duplicates which are sitting there with no purpose.

As we keep downloading some files multiple times and forget it’s taking up space on the disk. Sometimes, it also gets frustrating to look for the one file we need from the piles of data we have stored on Mac.

Although you can always get to do this task manually, going from folder to folder and then deleting files is not worth the time. Especially when you can get the help with the software available online. There are also other cloud file sharing options that are better than Dropbox you should consider if you’re looking for an upgrade.

Finding and deleting the duplicates can be a tedious job, therefore you need to look at the following list. It comprises of all the powerful software to find and delete duplicate files in Mac.

  1. Duplicate File Finder:

Duplicate File Finder has a striking user interface to keep you on your work while enjoying it. This uses a pie chart to show you the file types taking up the disk space. It is simple to use, as you can complete the function of deleting duplicates in three simple steps. All you need to do is get the software and Install it on your Mac.

The first step is used to Run the scan for the folders and drives. You can also choose the specific file type by providing with the file extension and then it will scan for the certain type only. Whatever you select, the software will run a quick scan for it and give results.

Second step will be to choose from the duplicates if you want to keep some of the copy files.  Or select Auto Select to make the work easier for you.

Get it here.

2. Disk Drill :

Disk Drill provides with the amazing feature Duplicate Finder for finding the duplicates on your Mac. It is a software with various tools to work for recovering your files for Mac. It analyzes the storage of Mac to look for all the available files and to clean the duplicates effectively. Duplicate Finder readily searches for all songs, videos and other documents which are copies of original files.

Duplicate File Finder makes your life easy, as to look for files all over the system. Once you download it, you will see that Mac is now clutter-free and who do not wish for that. For using the Duplicate File Finder, you need to get the Disk Drill designed for Mac. Once you have it successfully installed your system. Locate ‘Find duplicates” and now it will ask you to select the folder to scan for duplicate files.

A benefit you get with this software is that you can recover files which are deleted. If you accidentally deleted a file which was not supposed to be removed, just put the software to work. As it majorly works for the lost data recovery for Mac.

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3. Duplicate Files Fixer:

Duplicate Files Fixerhas some of the best features and it can be the one software you need for Mac. The duplicates created in your system not only fill up space but make your computer slow. This is an effective tool to work for you to clear out the duplicates in a quick and easy method. You can get it on the App store and you can see its reviews as it is recommended by many.

You can find this software to be most easy to use with a friendly interface. The files or folders are added to the tool to be scanned. It will present you with all the duplicates found on the selected folder. You are given a choice to let all the copies be deleted or uncheck a few of them. The software lets you remove duplicates for the music, video, document or other file types.

Moreover, the software helps you to find duplicates for any external drives attached to Mac. It is efficient to provide with the accurate results. The quick setup and the ease to sort out the list of duplicates manually as well as automatically. Able to create a backup for the files so you can take action if and when needed.

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4. Easy Duplicate Finder:

Easy Duplicate Finder is as the name suggests, there to help you find the duplicates on Mac in a very easy way. It has a number of scan modes to use for looking up the duplicates present in your machine. The software lets you use the search for different file types in one go. You are allowed to look for contacts, music, photos, and documents. If you are certain to look for a specific file extension or file size, it will identify files in that manner in the scan.

Easy Duplicate Finder has the features which can find duplicates in iTunes, iPhoto which is very favourable to sort your Apple account. Also, the format of comparing one folder with others as keeping one as a master fetches results efficiently.

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5. Gemini 2 Duplicate File Finder for Mac:

Gemini 2 Duplicate File Finder for Mac works as a smart tool to remove the duplicates from Mac. It serves as one of the reliable software to look up for the duplicates in your system. It runs the scan for the entire system to look for all the duplicates saved up. As sometimes the obsolete files are not detected by a few software, but that’s not the same for it.

Another notable feature is that the time taken to scan the whole disk is a lot less than any other tool. You can have your system filled up to maximum and still, it gives results faster than most. All the automatically selected duplicates can be removed together. It will delete files from iTunes and photos from the machine.

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To find duplicates in a system is more than a day’s work for most of us. Make it easier for your Mac by getting one of these tools mentioned in the article. You can remove the unwanted copies securely with this powerful software for Mac. We recommend using Duplicate Files Fixer for its efficiency to remove all kinds of duplicate files quickly.

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