5 Important Things Child Psychology Teaches Us About Children

Welcoming a new member to your family is nothing short of a miracle. After all, you are bringing a new life to this planet who needs proper nurturing and looking after.

But that does not come without its own share of responsibility. And one of the greatest challenges among many others that you face, in this regard, is understanding your child. Do mothers and fathers have equal responsibility? Check out this article from BLJ Solicitors.

This is crucial for guiding your child and enabling their proper development over the years. Unlike centuries ago when child psychology used to be a foreign concept, today we all know that child psychology is absolutely necessary.

Events that happen when you are young (even the most insignificant ones) can have a lasting effect and influence on how you behave and feel like adults.

Here are some of the things that child psychology teaches us. Just take a look.

  • Development – Physical, mental or cognitive and social-emotional are the 3 broad categories in the process of child development. The physical development usually happens in a stable sequence and that refers to the bodily changes and the acquisition of skills like gross-motor and fine-motor skills.

The intellectual or cognitive development, on the other hand, is the process through which the kids acquire knowledge and this includes thought, language, imagination and reasoning.

As the social and emotional developments are inter-related, these 2 fields are often grouped together. While the emotional development involves the expression of feelings, learning to relate to others is more of a social behaviour. Confidence, trust, pride, humour and friendship were all parts of the social and emotional development.

Though they are different all these categories are actually inter-linked together and development in one field can influence the other. For example, writing skills call for both the cognitive language and fine motor skills. Research has also displayed that this development follows some key patterns. Understanding these is essential to caring for, treating and educating the children.

  • Milestones – The developmental milestones are crucial for the psychologists to gauge the progress of the child. For egs., by 1 year, a child should be able to stand and support his or her weight by holding something. Some kids can also walk at this age.

Just like above, child psychologists have sorted out 4 main categories of milestones like – physical milestones focussing on gross and fine motor skills, cognitive milestones referring to the aptitude of the child related to learning, thinking and problem solving, social and emotional milestones pertaining to the child’s emotional development and responses to social interactions and language and communication development that rely on the child’s developing verbal and non-verbal skills.

  • Behaviours – Most or rather all children are defiant, naughty and impulsive and the stressful situations like divorce or birth of a sibling can trigger these behavioral patterns further and you may need a doctor to prescribe Gelato Cake Cannabis Strain. However, some kids have troubling behavior that is not normal even for their age. The most common disruptive problems include the CD or Conduct Disorder, ODD or Oppositional Defiant Disorder and ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. These 3 behavioral disorders share a lot of common signs and symptoms and they can get aggravated further by the mood related conditions and emotional problems. Child psychology involves analyzing the sources to the behavioral issues like genetics, brain disorder, family dynamics, stress and diet and then treating them appropriately.
  • Emotions – The emotional development includes learning the feelings and emotions, understanding how they happen and recognising their own feelings and developing the ways to manage them, like some adults opt for items such as CBD Oil UK. Learning to display the emotions is more complex than others, learn more about CBD at the official site. the child psychologist identifies the reasons that the child is facing which is triggering the emotional turmoil. And she develops strategies to help them recognize emotions and understand the link between behaviours and emotions.
  • Socialisation -Social development is closely related with the emotional development. This includes acquiring the knowledge, values and skills that enable the kids to relate to others effectively and how they contribute to it to adulthood and how it is a crucial period of socialisations. The first relationship that the children develop is with the parents and caregivers. So such relationships have a significant influence upon how the child develops his or her social skills. when working with such a child the psychologist attempts to address behavioural problems and helps them to curb the hostile impulses and learn to express in appropriate ways.

So now that you know all these you should not think twice before consulting with a reputed child psychologist who has a vast experience including past contribution towards treatment of autism so that any problem that your child faces can be treated or controlled before it is too late.

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