10 Reasons why Android is better than iOS

Which is trendy in today’s date? Android or iOS? You can watch your buddies, cooling their heels to buy the newly arrived brand of iPhone in the market, be it iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. But while your good buddies are busy in the same, you are in your cozy house to customize your heck out of your Android device. That is the moment of being on cloud 9 for an Android user: you can quiver the interface, plop the widgets wherever you find suitable to.

10 Reasons why Android is better than iOS/iPhone

Android has so many devices: Android platforms has in it, something for everyone. The utter varieties of Android smartphones from manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony, and others is wobbling. Cranny demands like dual SIM are catered for. Android phones have features which you can’t get with Apple’s devices, like microSD and removable battery. A broken android screen is also easier to fix or replace.

The tablet market also has all the same story. Android represents choices on a large scale compared to the Apple iPhones which has limited choices available. Android phones comes in varied sizes whereas Apple has just few sizes to offer.

Prices to fit your needs: This is directly related to the first point. Android phone market has for you the devices of any budget. Anyone can afford Android phone. They might not have all the features but best thing is they are avilable of every budget which gives an experience of smartphone users. The Apple products, iPads and iPhones are costly for many people. But Android phone market has various budget phones right from Honor 5X, Moto G line, OnePlus X. Affordability is one of the important factors that Android phone market is wider than iPhone. Android is really your choice if you want a phone that fits in your budget easily. The price is another big criteria that Android phone market share is wider than iPhone.

Customization: Android devices comes up with allowance of customization. Apple phones have a bottleneck because of default apps as it maintains homogenous software and hardware. Android phones lets you choose your own customization like wallpapers, etc. Some of the Android devices also gives the experience of hardware customization like Moto Maker, LG has replaceable leather black plates, as does Xiaomi. And these kinds of hardware customizations, Apple devices will never give to its customers.

Widgets: Android is at the front seat because of the widgets also. This acts as the major advantage for Android over Ios. In Android devices, you can see all the information right at your home screen page at a glance and you don’t have to fire up an app to view all the information. Even though Apple devices had introduced some widgets but these comes with limitations. So, if widgets are considered, android devices market is springing than Apple iPhone/iOS.

Multi-tasking: Ios devices does offer multi-tasking feature, but it cannot be compared to the multi-tasking feature given by Android devices. Samsung is one of the example, which introduced multi-window long ago, in which you can have a glimpse of multiple apps at once.

Launchers: All the iPhone, Ios devices in looks are more or less the same. The same is not true with Android devices. Android devices comes in different and stylish looks. A launcher is good but only if you love your handset and are keen on the manufacturer’s custom interface.Custom ROMs: Many Android users install a new operating system for better performance and to gain access to some add-ons or tools. There is the options of installing completely different operating systems on some Android devices, such as Ubuntu, Firefox OS, and the list goes on.

Google integration: Android devices integrate seamlessly with Google’s array of services. People love using their mobile devices to go online. Google drives, Google Maps, Google+, and so on, but the Apple devices and Ios are not keeping up. Though many Google services are now in Ios, but the integration level is not that deep.Android wins in this Google integration also.

Google Now : Its only on Android that you can enjoy Google Now. Android is again beating the Apple and iPhone devices in this segment also.

More free apps and games : Android devices are loaded with more free apps and games which is a drawback for Ios devices. Some apps that carries a price tag on Ios are free on Android.

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