10 DIY Curtain Ideas to Glam-Up Your Living Room

For a homely feel, your walls are mostly at the top list for upgrades. I love painting my walls bold, hanging art displays, mirror gallery walls or even sticking an epic wallpaper. You can also visit https://www.europaintinginc.com/house-painting/ for professional painting services.

However, many of you might not have discovered another area of your home that needs high-impact upgrades – it’s your windows!

When my husband and myself moved into our new apartment, we tried every hack to make it feel more sophisticated and cosier.

After adding a cheap, plastic blind to all our windows, we discovered that curtains are a great way to bring soft texture to your walls, binds different design elements together, and make your windows look more finished.

It’s time to update your boring looking curtains as a part of your fun weekend project. If you’re looking for something unique without shelling out money, then try to design and give a personalized touch to your curtains.

I have tried some of these DIY and would recommend you to get inspired by some of the below ideas before buying curtains online.

10 DIY Curtain Ideas to Revamp your Home

1. Ombre Dip Dye Curtains

Firstly, Ombre curtains can never go out of style.

Secondly, they’re easy to prepare, just dip the bottom of the curtain in a bucket of dye and rinse the excess dye. Choose vibrant colours like turquoise, blue, teal, etc. to give the desired warmth to your room.

I created a dark turquoise-blue curtain and started brushing water on the bottom a few inches above the curtain panel to spread the dye for a dramatic effect.

2. Hand Printed Polka Dot Curtains for your Living Room

Do you wish to add a jolt of spottiness to your living room?

Bring out a cotton sheer and dilute the fabric (black) paint with water to create a thick texture. Make irregular circles in various sizes placed at different distances. You can even make matching tabletop for a polka feel. Cotton curtains are the best choice for your living room.

3. Macrame Curtains

This masterpiece can bring that extra oomph and tie the room’s style together. This bohemian look is something everyone desires for. Just bring some wooden dowel and cotton cord and get started watching this.

4. Ruffled Curtains

I bet you would enjoy making this stunning looking curtains. To prepare your own ruffle shower curtain, I bought a 66*96 inches curtain and stitched ruffles (9 long and 45 wide) to get stripes to cover the length of both the panels. It’s a lot of hard work and patience, but the end product is worth all the sweat.

5. Burlap Curtains

This is an amazing kitchen decor that requires burlap sacks that are folded to create a rod pocket for a traditional curtain rod. First, you cut the back of the sack and fold the top down using straight pins.

Put a rod through the opening and tie twines on both sides. You can untie the strings to block sunlight.

6. Bleached Drop Cloth Curtains

Drop cloth curtains are an excellent option for homes with large windows. It’s an easy way to get rid of your boring curtains. Fill 2 large tubs with water halfway and add 8 cups of bleach and drop the cloths in the mixture for 7 hours. Let it dry, and it’s ready to do one in your living room.

7. Lacy Curtains

This DIY hack will surely go well with your vintage homes. Add attractive lace trim to your extra tall curtains to stylishly gain some extra inches. Go for a subtle white lace and match it with neutral coloured curtains.

8. Curtains with Decorative Edges

Yes! Creating customized curtains is a piece of cake once you made your DIY lacy curtains. Adding pom-poms or greek trims will make your room look much more polished. You can choose your desired trim and stitch it at the edges to get a super luxe look.

9. Faux Floral Curtains

When the first morning rays pass through these curtains, the faux flowers creates a soft, welcoming glow. Just stitch a patch of faux flowers at the top of your sheer curtains, and it’s done. I would recommend you to give a quick hand wash with cold water to make it look vibrant.

10. Stencilled Curtains

Let’s get started for a stencilled drape adventure. All you need to do is roll out some wrapping paper and tape it to the floor. Place your curtains on the wrapping paper and smooth it out.

Put down your stencil and colour it with a roller. Never put too much paint on your roller and use a bit of muscle pressure.

Did you love these DIY curtain ideas? Try some of these and give your room a more glamorous feel with DIY designer curtains.

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