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Pug dog breed is orignated in China. They are playful and thrive on human companionship .This dog breed's weight between 14 and 18 pounds (male and female).Generally,pugs are 10 to 14 inches tall at the shoulder.For more Information about Pug dog breed visit 4petneeds.com
Rajapalayam Dog Breed is orignated in India . The height of the Rajapalayam is 65 to 75 approximately and has heavier bone than other sighthounds.For more Information about Rajapalayam Dog Breed visit 4petneeds.com
Pomeranian Dog is the Breed of Germany and Poland.The maximum height of all adult canines is 20cm and the physical weight between 1.9 to 3.5 kg.For more Information about Pomeranian Dog Breed visit 4petneeds.com

pekingese is the breed of china and known as Lion Dogs .The maximum body weight of the pekingese adult breed is between 2.5 to 5.5kg. pekingese is the best companion of the Buddhist monks in China. For more Information about pekingese Dog Breed visit 4petneeds.com
Rhodesian ridgeback is the breed of Africa.The maximum height of 24-27 inches approximately and this dog breed is very clever and smart . The body weight has found from 32-36 kg approximately.For more Information about Rhodesian ridgeback Dog Breed visit 4petneeds.com
Rottweiler breed is orignated in Germany and popular choice for its ability to protect. The maximum height of 61-69cm and body weight has found from 50-60 approximately. For more Information about Rottweiler Dog Breed visit 4petneeds.com
Saint Bernard is orignated in Switzerland,Italy and France.This is a giant breed of dog and it's average Weights near about up to 167 kg. Saint Bernard average hieght is 70-90cm approximately and For more Information about Saint Bernard Dog Breed visit 4petneeds.com
The Shar Pei is an Chinese breed . It's features of deep wrinkles and a blue-black tongue. Shar Pei has the great capability to be the most beloved companion to its family. For more Information about Shar Pei Dog Breed visit 4petneeds.com