This video and blog post article reviews a very effective tool that many internet marketers solve this dilemma with. An auto responder builds rapport with your prospect and gets you on a path to developing income from your list whether they sign up for your primary program or not.

Building Your List

One of the secrets to a successful home based business is building your list. Videos, emails and articles must be written to attract prospects to a landing page. The prospect should be offered something of enough perceived value for them to willingly give you their name and e-mail address. When utilizing the attraction marketing formula, remember we are not talking about a product offering at this point but maybe a free report on a topic of related interest or possibly a free consultation.

Capturing the lead for future marketing!

Capturing the name and e-mail address on the landing page enables you to send the free report and automatically set up a follow up program through an auto responder program. You will develop a series of letters in the auto responder to be automatically mailed to the prospect at regular intervals, building your relationship. These letters can be additional support material for the free report that will continue to build interest in future mailings.

These follow up e-mails contain information about your primary program or other related items you market as an affiliate. The e mails are written such that they will continue to build your relationship with the prospect by providing additional information of value.