http://buildingabrandonline.com/garya... Syndication Groups– A Team Effort

When I first started, I was not getting a lot of traffic to my videos. I decided to create a syndication group on Skype.

I reached out to my team members, and asked them to participate in a video challenge where we could help syndicate each other’s videos. I asked them to comment on and share my videos, and I did the same for them.

Every time I made a video, I posted the link in the syndication groups I had created on Skype and asked for comments and shares.
Syndication Groups Provide Social Proof

You need to get some kind of social proof that people are commenting on your videos, liking them and sharing them.

When other people see these comments and likes, they are more likely to comment, like and share also. I don’t know how this phenomenon works, but the more comments, likes, and shares you have on your content, the more traffic you get!

Comments/Likes/Shares = Traffic

When you have more time than money, a reciprocal commenting system using syndication groups works very well. Not only will you get your team engaged with the content you are creating, but everyone commenting helps get more attention directed to your content.