Can You Live In A Log Cabin All Year Round?

Do you dream of a nice-looking and comfortable log cabin where you can relax every time you need it? In your garden or in your allotment? If you do, it is worth to learn more about timber cabins and find out the answer for important question: “can you live in a log cabin all year round”. This article will tell more about the timber cabins and the period you may spend there during the year.

What is more, you will also learn more why they are so fantastic and so many people make decisions to become owners of a single room log cabin, a multi room log cabin or a garden log cabin.

If you cannot wait to get the answer, it is simple. Yes, you can live in the residential log cabins for sale in ireland all year round. There are some proves for this statement to make you sure that it is really possible.

1. Heating possibilities

2. Insulation

3. Come and see it!

Heating possibilities

A lot of future owners of timber cabins concern about heating possibilities. It is usually their first question they ask when they see the specialists from Timber living. Although the residential log cabins for sale in ireland look stunning as they were designed to be inhabited only during summer, they may surprise everyone when it turns out that they may be heated as a traditional houses. It is some great information for people who used to think that it is completely impossible. Moreover, there are few ways of heating the cabin to have a possibility to live there no matter how cold is outside. They are following:

– a log burner

– a natural gas stove

– a solid fuel stove

– an oil boiler

Furthermore, there may be also applied more modern ways of heating, for example electrical heating and underfloor heating.


Insulation is usually the second issue that the customers want to learn more about. You need to know that all of the residential log cabins for sale in ireland are well-insulted due to high quality timber and the proper construction process. There are also used sophisticated materials such as 100mm foil-backed PIR insulation in the floor space and roof area and 100mm rock wool in the walls. There are also applied double-glazed units in the windows that are wind-proof. As an outcome, the log cabin is warm inside even when it is the middle of winter and low temperatures are outdoors.

Come and see it!

If you want to find out yourself about the highest quality of Timber living timber cabins, feel free to meet the employees of the company who will answer all your questions and will tell you more about all types of log cabins. The best way of contact the Timber living employees is going to the showroom where you may see all types of log cabins and learn more about their advantages. The showroom is situated in Tullow and it is available for visitors from Monday to Friday from 10am to 5:30pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm. However, if you do not live near Tullow you may also contact other two offices located in Boyle and Cork. However, those two places are not open regularly for visitors, only by advance appointment.

As you can see, there is nothing to prevent living in a log cabin all year round. What is more, due to various ways of heating and well-insulated interiors, the timber cabin becomes a replacement of traditional brick houses but much cheaper to maintain and to purchase.

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